The Interim Service saves you money on fuel costs and prolongs your engine life, all completed in 60 minutes or less. A Interim Service is only £109*, any make or model !


Most of us don’t give car maintenance much thought but regular servicing saves money on fuel costs and prolongs the life of your engine.

We believe in being open & clear – the way it should be

What to Expect?
  • Fixed price of £109* including VAT, parts* & labour
  • Premium Castrol Oils and warranty approved filters
  • Completed in around 60 minutes
  • State of the art diagnostic equipment used
  • All makes & models of car, expertise & manufacturer data in-house
  • Copy of full report to take away

Manufacturer Scheduled Servicing and Major Services can be quoted on request.

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IN’n’OUT’s 32 Point Interim Service, this covers:

Preliminary Tasks
  • Check Vehicle for damaged or Missing Items
  • Check Horn Operation
  • Check Obligatory Mirrors
  • Check Exterior Mirrors
  • Check Washers and Wipers
  • Check Air Conditioning System Temperature
  • Check Vehicle Warning Lights
  • Check & Report Tyre Size
  • Check & Report Tyre Condition
  • Check & Adjust Tyre Pressures
  • Check & Report Tyre Tread Depths
  • Check & Report Camshaft Requirements
  • Report Spark Plug Service Interval
  • Report Fuel Filter Service Interval
Engine Bay Operations
  • Check & Report Engine Oil on Arrival
  • Check & Report Brake Fluid Level
  • Perform Brake Fluid Analysis
  • Check & Report Battery Security
  • Check & Report Battery Condition
  • Check & Report Engine Coolant Levels
  • Test & Report Anti Freeze Content
  • Check & Report Engine Bay for Leaks
  • Visual Brake Inspection
  • Check & Report for Wheel Damage and Condition
  • Check & Report Exhaust System
  • Check & Report Exhaust Mountings
  • Check & Report Underside Body Condition
Service Tasks
  • Stamp Service Book & Reset Service Light
  • Replace Engine Oil
  • Replace Engine Oil Filter
  • Air Filter Inspection
  • Top-up Washer Fluid

*Parts include oil filter, oil and fluids included above and are guaranteed for 1 year. This does not affect your statutory rights and is not an insurance backed guarantee. £29.95 oil supplement may apply if your car requires fully synthetic or specialist oils.