Xpress Air Con Service

  • Full Air Conditioning Service

 – Drain & vacuum system

 – Hold test to check for leaks*

 – Recharge refrigerant gas

 – Inject new oil

 – Replace pollen filter

  • Decontaminate the system to remove harmful bacteria
  • Copy of full completed report to take away
  • All makes & models of car, expertise & manufacturer data in-house
  • Completed in 60 minutes or less
  • Fixed price of £89 inclusive of VAT, parts** & labour
  • Included in most Platinum packages (please ask for details)

*If a leak is found, the service will not continue and further diagnosis may be required.
**Parts include pollen filter, oil and refrigerant gas as above and are guaranteed for 1 year. This does not affect your statutory rights and is not an insurance backed guarantee.

Decontaminate and service your car’s air conditioning with XPRESS Air Con Service. Most cars are fitted with air conditioning these days but over time the system can get clogged and dirty. This leads to a loss of power and a musty smell. Pollen filters get congested in all weather and as germs love to breed in damp conditions it’s important to keep the air conditioning system clean and in good working order year round. We can restore freshness and optimal air temperature to your car in under an hour.

We start by inspecting the entire system to ensure that all is as it should be and then we drain and vacuum it. To make it cleaner and healthier for you we eliminate the harmful bacteria and mould in the system. In order to guard against allergies we replace the pollen filter at no extra cost to you. Finally we recharge the coolant gas to the correct level.

This service is offered at a fixed price which includes VAT, labour and parts. If the temperature of your air conditioning increases within six months, we recharge your system for free!

A comfortable drive…the way it should be.

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