Xpress Winter TLC Service

Give your car the protection it deserves this Winter..

Did you know your cars underbody parts and braking systems are increasingly affected in the winter months by rain, ice and snow, especially when salt is spread on the roads? The corrosion alone can affect your cars steering, suspension and worst of all the performance of your brakes!

Our new Underbody and Brake Protection Service’s not only lubricate and eat away at all surface corrosion, they also protect your brake discs, calipers and hubs for over 10,000 miles!

What’s Included in our Xpress Winter TLC Service:

1 – Xpress Brake Protection Service – Restoration and Protection Treatment:

  • Brake Discs
  • Brake Calipers
  • Hub assemblies
  • Protection for over 10,000 miles

2 – Xpress Underbody Protection Service -Lubrication & Rust Treatment and Protection:

  • Metallic steering & suspension parts
  • All rubber steering & suspension brushes and boots
  • Fuel lines and fuel tank
  • Brake lines (copper & rubber)
  • Chassis & subframe

3 – Xpress Top-Up & Check Over:

  • Top-Up: oil, washer fluid, coolant & tyre pressures
  • Full Visual Check: battery, brakes, underbody, lights, wipers & tyre condition
  • Ideal before those Christmas holiday journeys
  • Peace of mind between services
  • Copy of full completed report to take away

Xpress Winter TLC Service for just £80 inclusive of labour & VAT and completed in 60 minutes or less!