Platinum Membership

Platinum Membership: Love Your Car and Save over 20%

  • If you love what we do, save over 20% off our services all year round
  • Premium Oils
  • Unlimited Top-Ups all year (worth £10 each)
  • 25% off our Carwash and Valeting Service
  • Use entirely at your convenience, at any of our stores
  • Multi vehicle packages
  • 10% off ALL repairs carried out by us
  • Platinum Packages are 1 year memberships

If you’ve visited one of our IN‘n’OUT centres you’ll have experienced pleasant surroundings, simple, clear non-jargon language and commitment to customer service.

However, we also know that our customers like to know how much they’re paying upfront, and what they’re paying for. That’s why we offer Platinum Membership, which can save you over 20% on a year’s car maintenance and testing costs. Each membership includes parts, labour and VAT, with the convenience and predictability of a pre-paid card.

There are a variety of Platinum packages designed to suit all types of drivers and vehicles. Each package includes IN‘n’OUT’s signature services, such as XPRESS Service, XPRESS MOT, XPRESS Oil Change, XPRESS Air Con and Top-Ups.

Extra Benefits

All Platinum Memberships come with unlimited Top-Ups all year round, so you never need to worry about making sure your tyres are at the correct seasonal pressure, topping up your oil, or running out of windscreen washer fluid.

Share a Platinum Membership between family members

More than one car in the family? A Platinum Membership is not restricted to one vehicle, so any family vehicle can receive the benefits. If your spouse’s car needs a XPRESS Service, or a Top-Up before a long journey, simply give them your card to use. Your membership is valid not just at your local IN‘n’OUT centre, but at the growing number of centres throughout the country.


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